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Another handy How to guide from the boys you depend on at Winchester & Winchester.


jared and jensen just casually running lines behind the scenes like it’s no big deal like it doesn’t make me cry

This created my personal headcanon that Steve is awkward as fuck with babies and holding one makes him ridiculously uncomfortable. it’s like, “It’s so tiny what do I do with it? Don’t crush it, don’t crush it, don’t crush. Oh God, it’s crying, what did I do? I must’ve done something. I broke it. My patriotism does nothing. Do I sing to it? Do I recite the Bill of Rights? I don’t even think I know the entire Bill of Rights. Wow, today is horrible.” 


Ever wondered what acting would be like??image

Your Powers: were enhanced scientifically

Power Count: 2

Powers: flying

Best Friend: Clint Barton 

Works Best With: Pepper Potts

Crush: Captain America

Weak Spots Count: 0

Weak Spots: bad accuracy

Years As An Avenger: 3

Chris Pratt and Sebastian Stan being adorable idiots. 




are these still a thing?



Groot was just trying to help (◕‿◕✿)